Bitcoin Rush Review July 2020 – [Crypto Trading App] Legit Or Scam?

Bitcoin Rush 2020Bitcoin Rush Review: The conditions of the market might be deteriorating. However, there are still a majority of people who are earning a hefty profit from trading cryptocurrencies or let’s just say bitcoin. The secret to their smart earnings is the insightful knowledge of the trading industry and a rational way to grasp intelligent tools that can earn them profits from trading bitcoin on various platforms.

The first step to smart earning is choosing a trustworthy and efficient platform for trading bitcoin because the cryptocurrency market has gone through so many changes that finding a reliable trading platform can be challenging. Our utmost concern here is to explore auto-trading websites where you can invest and earn considerable profits by trading cryptocurrency.

In contemporary times of technology, quite a lot of people have access to the cryptocurrency trading software, and out of all these multiple platforms, one of the most acclaimed trading platforms is Bitcoin Rush Review. However, the question that intrigues us is that if Bitcoin is legit or a scam? We have found our answer to this, and now it’s time for you to observe yours, and for that, you will have to give a read to our findings.

Is Bitcoin Rush Legit?

In recent times a majority of people are earning around $1,500 every day from various crypto trading platforms. But it is always risky to invest without knowing the details and legitimacy of an online trading platform because some stories are going around about the people losing money on cryptocurrency platforms. Thus act skeptical before investing your money.

Therefore, to clear our doubts, our team of analysts and researchers worked hard to saturate one of the most trustworthy and reputable auto trading platforms. As per reviews of our research analysts, Bitcoin Rush Review has surpassed the investigations and stands out to be a highly reputable auto trading platform. It has been working for people since 2013, and they have given positive feedback for this platform. In light of our research, we can claim that Yes, bitcoin is legitimate and not a scam.

bitcoin rush opinie 2020

Other findings that came into our knowledge about this robot were that it is easy to use and surprisingly functional as acclaimed by the people who earned some profit from this platform. Another startling thing about the Bitcoin rush is its consistency in performance. Traders have reported that this bot has made it easy for them to earn profits almost in all instances, which supports the claims of this trading platform that they have 99.5% accuracy, keeping in view that the degree of profitability fluctuates with the fluctuation in market values.

Perhaps it is one of the leading auto trading robots that discloses every information regarding brokers, fees, and commissions. We can assure you that this robotic trading software only partners with reliable and reputed brokers and does not charge any kind of license fee to use the platform. However, like every other trading, the traders have to pay a small amount of commission on the profits.

Bitcoin Rush Review: Summary Legit Or Not!

The points that we stand by are:

  • Bitcoin Rush is not a scam; it is legit.
  • It provides opportunities for traders to earn daily profits.
  • The precision level of this system is 99.5% accurate.
  • We can confirm that all the activities taking place on Bitcoin are running under the supervision of experienced brokers. They ensure that trading robots are making the best decisions for trading.

What is the Bitcoin Rush?

The information given above might have given you a slight idea about Bitcoin Rush Review; however, we have gathered some facts for you for your better understanding. For a one-line introduction, we can say that the Bitcoin rush is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that is run by intelligent robots. These robots analyze all the latest trends prevailing in the market and govern their every action according to them. It is claimed that bitcoin robots can earn an average of $1,500 daily for investors. Firstly you have to invest a minimum amount that is $250 for starting trade on this platform.

bitcoin rush review 2020

The investigations and bitcoin rush review from the users of this platform confirms that this software appears to be legitimate. However, like every other business, the profit earning potential is directly proportional to the amount of capital invested. Once you have deposited the money into the account, these funds are managed by the robots. On behalf of the investor, the robotic traders buy a cryptocurrency when the price is low and sell them once the price hikes. To make it more clear, we have an example of how this all process steers, suppose if a person invests an amount of $800, he will earn as much as $500 daily after trading.

Although we are satisfied with this bitcoin rush system, we will recommend you to start with a minimum amount of capital. Once you are convinced and content, you can upgrade the amount. It is optimal to note that Bitcoin Rush robot does not require any experience and is fully automatic, which means that it is open to anyone who wants to invest their funds. But it is also vital to keep yourself updated about all the amendments in the industry. Another pro tip for you is that the peak time to make money is during high volatility periods, therefore don’t forget to invest during such events.

How Does Bitcoin Rush Work?

So far you would have been convinced that the bitcoin rush is a trustable trading platform. Now it is time to analyze the working of the bitcoin rush. Out of curiosity, we investigated the functioning of this platform. Basically, Bitcoin Rush trading decisions are based on the analysis of sophisticated algorithms that provide useful trading insights and thoughtful analysis of data existing in the market.

The trading algorithms are thought to provide more accurate insights as compared to human decisions as its calculations are based on all the factors necessary for making a decision. Therefore, the rate of their trading decisions is faster than the lightning speed without missing any beneficial trading opportunity. For your better understanding of how trading algorithms work, we can explain to you with an example. Suppose a country claims that it is easing its tight measures on Bitcoin, the bitcoin rush algorithm will analyze this news, and the robot will carry its trading transactions accordingly.

In all this process, the role of the investor is to open and close the trading sessions. In doing so, they will need some insights and in-depth knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry. We have advice for you as well; we will recommend you not to leave robots live overnight because the chances of losses are much higher as the market values change overnight.

How to Register With Bitcoin Rush?

To get registered on Bitcoin Rush, you will need to create an account which is free of cost. The complete registration process is flawless and does not compromise on privacy. The Bitcoin rush robot claims to earn you a high profit with the minimum rate of risk; all you have to do is verify your account. For the verification of your account, you only need to submit your name and phone number. Although we now trust this trading platform, we still will suggest you invest a minimum amount of money for the first time as there is always a risk of losing.

Note that this robot is not available in all countries of the world.

Here are few steps to follow to register an account on Bitcoin Rush:

Step 1:  Get Registered

You won’t require a lot of time to create an account on Bitcoin Rush; it hardly takes a few moments to get the job done. They would not collect any unnecessary information except name, email id, and password. Some scam trading platforms can collect your extra information for selling purposes.

bitcoin rush scam 2020

Once the information you have provided is confirmed, you will have to set a password. Make sure you create a strong password using alphanumeric numbers.

Step 2: Depositing The Funds

When the registration process is completed, you will be prompted to the deposit page where you will find various options to deposit the amount you want to invest. The system does not start without depositing some amount. The multiple opportunities to deposit them are through Mastercard, visa, bitcoin, wire transfer, skrill, maestro, and web money. There are other methods for depositing as well but are only accepted on the basis of underlying brokers.

Depositing funds is a seemingly seamless process that might take a few hours to reflect the user’s account. There are no deposit charges; all the things are free of cost. The platform allows you to withdraw your capital any time you want. The app facilitates you to withdraw the amount within less than 24 hours.

All the information on depositing and withdrawing funds is kept secure. Unlike other scam robots, Bitcoin Rush does not hoard any details regarding billing.

Step 3: Demo Trading

Now it’s time to move to the next step, as you deposit some amount you are given access to a platform for demo trading. The aim of a demo account is to familiarize you with the platform before you are directed towards live trading. You will have to keep in mind that the results you received through the demo trading account had nothing to do with what a live trading session will produce for you.

bitcoin rush pl 2020

We usually don’t experience using a demo account when signing up for some account; therefore, it might not make much sense. But its only purpose is to guide the user about the usage of real platforms. This practice will teach you small details about the opening and closing of sessions along with the tips to harvest maximum profit through this platform.

Step 4: Trading Process/ Live Trading 

The actual trading process requires you to wisely make a few clicks and make decisions about the opening and closing of trading sessions. This platform will hardly entail spending 20 minutes on the platform to monitor your account per day trading sessions carried out by the robot.

It has been cleared above that it is requisite to keep an eye on the latest developments taking place in the bitcoin market. The knowledge of the market will not only keep you updated but also hint you to scrutinize your account regularly, especially during high volatility periods. If you don’t desire to reinvest your profits in the market, it is wise to withdraw them as soon as possible.

Important Features Of Bitcoin Rush


Bitcoin Rush cryptocurrency trading platform asserts that one can earn up to $1500 daily on the investment of $1k or less. We personally like the payout system of Bitcoin Rush Review as they only charge a small amount of commission on the profit gained from the platform. It is prominent that the platform does not generate money of its own; it runs on the funds that users give it as a commission as if the user doesn’t earn, they would not be able to generate any income for themselves.

System of verification

The verification system only takes a bit of your information and a few moments to verify your account. It ensures that all the information is correct so that the payout does not reach to some other account. It is quick, and there are no unnecessary delays caused by the platform while verifying the information.

Withdrawal of profits

This trading platform entitles you to withdraw your money whenever you want it. The whole transaction process completes in less than 24 hours, unlike other robots that take 24 to 48 hours to process the funds.

Costs/ fees

We can assure you that there are no hidden charges on this platform; the only fee charged by the platform is in the form of commission. Other than that, it does not demand a license or brokers fee. Also, the commission is only to be paid when a successful trading session takes place, and some profit is gained.

User Testimonials

There is a separate segment on the platform where the current users of the trading robot scribble their experiences. These documents show that the majority of its users highly admire this robot. They all revered the customer service and the consistency of the profitability of the robot.

Customer Service

It undoubtedly has one of the most active customer services. It only takes a minute or less to connect to the representatives on the phone or online chat. It operates 24/7 and provides remote assistance without any hesitation.


The brokers who have partnered with Bitcoin Rush Review are highly reputable. They have the responsibility of facilitating trade as well as handling the deposits. They are bound by the law to protect the funds of users and use them for the purpose they were collected. The brokers perform all the actions of trading on your behalf and in an automated way.

Why Do We Recommend Bitcoin Rush Trading?

We are recommending this cryptocurrency trading platform after we had an amazing experience with this software; the reason for the recommendation is:

  • Transparency – All the trading operations taking place on this software are transparent. The robot reveals even the slightest of the details of the process, it even includes the partner broker and mechanism of fee.
  • Laser Accurate Predictions – the success rate of Bitcoin Rush is very high and its accuracy level is 99.5%. Which is one of the best levels any online trading software can achieve. This trading platform will surely earn you great profit on your hard earned money.  
  • Profitability – As per the divulgence made by the users, the average profit that can be gained through Bitcoin Rush on a daily basis is $1500. The users also confirm that the rate of profitability is consistent.
  • Reputability – According to the majority of users who tried using this platform report that they have made a considerable amount of profit through this software. Bitcoin Rush holds a good reputation among the investors mostly because of their service and consistency.
  • Flawless withdrawals – You can withdraw your money from the account whenever you want, Bitcoin Rush does not impose any obligation to do so. The process is completed within 24 hours.
  • Customer Services – it is super easy to connect to the customer service department of the platform. The service is open 24 hours a day.

Comparing Bitcoin Rush with other Trading Platforms

 Bitcoin Rush Other Robots

  • For a hassle free registration Bitcoin ;[\Rush is an ideal platform, it hardly takes 20 minutes to formally register yourself on the platform and start trading

  • Some robots require you to fill cumbersome forms and take hours to register you on their platform.

  • It is known for its consistency and has been reported to have success rate of more than 82%, which makes it more reliable

  • They might perform their functions without proper analysing and give poor performance.

  • It entitles you to submit a minimum amount of $250 to start trading.

  • Not all the robots are secure and reliable for depositing money.

  • You can not only deposit your capital easily but also withdraw it anytime you want.

  • When you use other platforms, the time of money withdrawals can go up to weeks or more.

  • It is secure to use

  • Other robots have security problems.

Tips to Gain Most Out of Bitcoin Rush

  • Start Small

It would be best if you always start with the minimum deposit when there are chances of loss; therefore, it is best to begin with depositing a small amount on an auto trading platform. In the case of Bitcoin Rush, the minimal deposit is $250; thus, you should prefer it. However, due to the high accuracy level, the profit is guaranteed on this amount. You can increase the capital later on.

  • Follow all the market updates

Prefer keeping yourself updated about the cryptocurrency market as it will help you understand trends prevailing in the market and will help you make healthy trading decisions in the future. It will also help you minimize the chances of losses.

  • Harvest Profits

We will suggest you withdraw your profits at the earliest because you are growing your passive income. Therefore, it is always a great idea to withdraw the profit and reinvest a certain amount for more profits.

  • Don’t leave sessions open all night

You need to maintain regular trading hours on this platform for better earnings. Consider the opening and closing hours of the market as they are the best time for making a move. Remember that the chances of losing are much more than profit when you leave the session open all night; therefore, avoid doing such carelessness.

How to invest in bitcoin rush?

Historical evidence suggests that noob traders should begin investing by trading in small volumes of money. The amount of money should not exceed 250 dollars. Whereas, technical analysis indicates that whenever there is a market trend for something following a piece of news or an announcement, there is a subjective change in the volatility of the stock market. The bitcoin market is no different. In times of high fluctuation in prices, investment is the most rewarding because everyone knows high-risk investments garner higher returns and profits for their holders.

Reinvest your earnings and profits in other trading ventures. The time value of money suggests that a dollar of profit in your account now wouldn’t matter too much in the future. So, it’s better to reinvest your earnings to garner even more profits instead of letting them accumulate and ultimately depreciate.

Never leave your trading sessions unwatched or running over the course of the night. That could amount to high loss when the market opens up the following morning. Always close up your sessions at night before going offline.

Bitcoin Rush and Celebrity Endorsements

You might find claims made on the name of celebrities for endorsing Bitcoin Rush, so to confirm it, we checked whether these claims are true or false.

According to the claims, celebrities like Gordon Ramsay and other A-List celebrities had been endorsing the Bitcoin Rush. However, our findings suggest otherwise. We couldn’t find anything that would confirm such claims.

These claims are made by affiliate marketers who want to sell their items by deceiving the public in the name of celebrities.

Bitcoin Rush Review: Final Verdict

In the end, we would conclude our article with the emphasis on the fact that Bitcoin Rush is genuine and not a scam. After all the tests and analysis, this platform appears to be legit and open doors for people who want to earn a significant amount of money.

We can assure you that all the processes and information given on the Bitcoin Rush Platform are highly transparent and secure. You can earn as much profit as you want and withdraw your money whenever you like without any hassle.


Is bitcoin rush a con?

The bitcoin rush system can be compared to the lottery. If a person bets on a lottery and ends up losing his money, does that mean the lottery is a con? The concept of the bitcoin system is very similar, for it operates on the same principles as the lottery. An investment that has a higher proportion of risk generally has a high return, which can be attributed to the bitcoin rush now.

The cryptocurrencies trading market is generally subject to fluctuations and doesn’t follow the efficient market hypothesis in real-world scenarios. What bitcoin rush does is that it directs your trading in an automatic manner, the results of which are definitely better than they would’ve been had you been trading manually. The interface of the bitcoin rush platform was easy to navigate when we dwelt in trading, as opposed to other bitcoin trading platforms’ interfaces. After analyzing the website’s bitcoin rush review, we looked at the legitimacy of their success projections. The reviews indicated that the users were reasonably satisfied by the results of their trading ventures on the bitcoin rush platform.

How to join the bitcoin rush?

The first step entails registering and setting up your bitcoin rush account. The icon will ask you to enter your first and last names and your email address to set up your account and provide you with your bitcoin rush login. In the second step, you would be required to demo trade to establish a clear understanding of how the bitcoin rush trading system works.

The idea is relatively simple, and the step can be skipped if you have had experience in dealing with general trading simulators like this one. Once you’ve established a clear understanding of how the system operates, you can switch to live trading mode where you first make your deposit. The platform itself is free to use once you’ve set it up, but an initial investment with a broker is required for its safe running, which amounts to 250 dollars. The payment can be made through different options, which include Paypal, Payoneer, or credit card. The safest bet is to go with a credit card because the payment can be made in literal minutes.

Furthermore, the site attests that the data that is provided to the brokers shall be kept confidential in the strictest sense. As soon as the funds have been displaced in your bitcoin account, you can proceed to live to trade. For this purpose, you would have to turn on the auto trading option. Try to keep the trade amount at a bare minimum so as to minimize the risk involved. Once this has all taken place, turn on the software that operates the bitcoin rush system and start trading.

Is Bitcoin Rush safe?
Yes, Bitcoin Rush is a secure platform that does not collect any of your information other than name and account number.

How to invest in the Bitcoin Rush?
Get yourself registered on Bitcoin Rush platform, once your information is verified you will be asked to deposit some money as your first investment. It is suggested to start with the minimum capital at first later on you can invest more by depositing the money. Money can be deposited through Visa, Master card, Paypal etc.

Do I need to select one of the brokers mentioned on the list of Bitcoin Rush?
Yes, you have to choose one of the brokers listed on the platform because the tool is connected to the broker in question via API. This is also because the broker has made it available for the software to connect to him.

What is the best deposit to start with on Bitcoin Rush?
It is ideal to start with the minimum investment allowed by the platform for the first time. We suggest you to start with $250 on bitcoin rush, you can always increase the investment once you are satisfied with the results.

What is the withdrawal process on Bitcoin Rush like?
It is very easy to withdraw money from Bitcoin Rush, it takes less than 24 hours to complete the process. The funds are firstly converted into local currency from cryptocurrency and then deposited into the bank account. From there you can withdraw it easily. 

What is the price of this trading software?
You can freely use this trading app, you just have to register yourself on the company’s website. Once the registration process is cleared you can make investment and earn profit. You just have to pay a small amount of commission to the company.

Does Bitcoin Rush have any hidden fee?
No, it is entirely free of cost and does not have any hidden fee charges.

Is it possible to make millions through the Bitcoin Rush trading app?
Yes, it is very much possible to make millions through this app within a few months. It is because all the profits you make are entirely yours and the company does not take any money or hidden charges except the commission.

Is it necessary to have knowledge about the Affiliate Marketing or MLM before using this trading app?
No, it does not require any knowledge about Affiliate Marketing or MLM to be eligible to use this app. 

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