Crypto Group Review July 2020 – Beware Scam Or Legit? Choose Alternative!

Crypto Group 2020Recently, there has been a buzz about digital currency, and everyone wants to make money through it. But for this, people need to have absolute knowledge about the cryptocurrency and the trading platforms that help to make a great profit. Crypto Group is one of the trading software that has gained popularity recently.

It is providing people a platform to invest money and make profits online through mining software. This trading software helps people to join the crypto market and then earn money.

Crypto group is among one of the cryptocurrency software that has been promoted on a large scale. In a few months, it has gained a lot of popularity among the cryptocurrency traders and it has gained a lot of attraction from the people.

The platform claims that it is among the most profitable when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. It has various features that attract people in investing their money on this platform. One of the claims the Crypto group makes is that it runs a 0.01 percent advance then the trading market to predict what is about to happen.

To have more knowledge about the Crypto group make sure you read this review so, that you have an idea about whether you will be able to earn profits through this robot or not. We have done extensive research and concluded everything you need to know and to be conscious of.

What is Crypto Group?

It is a kind of software that helps people to trade the cryptos in the cryptocurrency market. The software is absolutely free and claims to provide the best platform for making great profits. To attract the customers and gain their trust the company sends the notifications to facilitate, that when the user should sell or buy the cryptos to gain profits.

crypto group review 2020

There are no special skills needed to operate the crypto group trader. This is because the software has many automated features that handle things for you so that the user can be at ease. According to the estimate when you first invest your money on this platform, you are good to go in 20 minutes and can start earning while doing your other daily chores.

However, the system’s origin is not clear. Because of this, it can be said that that the platform is not verified as the authentic one, for investing money. The people who are running this platform are anonymous which raises a lot of queries about the authenticity and the claims which Crypto group makes.

Crypto Group Claims

People usually avoid participating in the online trading of money due to the high risks. It is very much possible that your coins are at the highest value today and the next day their value will decline and will give you loss instead of profits. These kinds of uncertainties make people lose their money and trust in the cryptocurrency.

Anyhow, to gain people’s trust, the platform has claimed that its robot runs 0.01 advance than the cryptocurrency market to predict any uncertainty that may arise in the future. However, this is not a unique claim made, as many other trading robots also claim this, but it has not been confirmed yet. So, according to our market analysis, it is just a user attraction trick and nothing more.

Additionally, crypto group also claims that a person has to operate the software for 20 minutes on a daily basis without any payment to gain profits. This seems ridiculous as there is no robot that can make you large profits without putting any effort into it. Even the best-known software for crypto trading are not right every time.

Is Crypto Group Legit?

This question is asked very frequently by the people who want to invest in money at this trading robot. Let’s look if it is legit or not?

  • There is no legal authority that monitors the operations on this platform. This means that if your funds are robbed or you have lost them for any other reason then it will not be easy to recover them no matter what.
  • Apart from the big fat promises, the software also sends you unnecessary alerts or emails which are the tactics of fake platforms. The genuine platforms do not pressurize their users.
  • One thing that has led to the popularity of this robot is extensive promotion. But in doing so, they have done some fake marketing by associating the names of celebrities with the robot such as crypto group Holly Willoughby.
  • The platform is very simple and provides the customers with only simple features. Moreover, it does not have an efficient strategy for money or risk management. 

How Does Crypto Group Work?

The advanced algorithms with great speed and optimization operate the Crypto Group trader robot. The owners of these platforms claim that their technology is of high quality and gives superior results. But on the other hand, the owners also not reveal that what are their links exchanges globally, which raises a great concern that does these fast advance algorithms exist in reality or not?

Additionally, it also claims that its software examines the cryptocurrency market to facilitate people when it is the right time for trading. According to our research, the software does not give any accurate results that can be trusted. The signal quality of the software is somewhat poor which only helps in the loos of money.

The accurate platforms for the trading of cryptocracy always tell about their partners so that the people can make the right choice for themselves. Now the question is that why Crypto Group does not reveal the names of their exchangers?

So, this is considered as the safety concern and this must not be neglected. It is very much possible that when you are signing for this platform then you are falling into the prey of the scam.  which will give you headaches, tensions, and profit loss only.

How To Sign-up On Crypto Group?

The sign-up process on the Crypto group platform is a relatively easy one as it is very quick and intuitive. The only problem you can face while signing up is that you have to provide personal information (a sensitive one). This is a risk as you don’t know that you may get robbed by the hackers on the platform.

Anyhow, let’s look at the process of signing up below so, that you may have the idea that what information you will be needed to provide and what information will be at risk.

  • Step 1: Registration

When you will open the website or Crypto group app you will be asked to fill in the form with personal information on the home page. The information the form needs from you to provide includes your name that is both the first and the last and your email address. Once you provide this information click on the Next button.

After you have gone to the next page, create your password which must be a strong one, and then finalize your process of registration.

However, we cannot tell you with all the guarantees that it will keep your data secure or not as their security policies are bit shady. It is very much possible that the Crypto group will sell your data or will share it with any third party.

  • Step 2: Initial Deposit

It’s important that once the account is created it should be verified before you make the initial deposit. Once you create the account, go and check your email inbox where the verification link will be given. Click on that link to verify that you’re the right account holder.

According to our research, we have found that there are many subscribers who have got spam emails when they delayed the process of verification. Now, this is the sign which tells us that the Crypto group is a scam and the working software is frantic to have money. So, don’t feel pressurized as the authentic systems don’t do anything to pressurize people.

  • Step 3: Demo Account

Once you click on the link of verification, you will be taken on the deposit page of the site and there you will be linked to the broker selected randomly for you. However, you can also make the deposit later through the Crypto group login.

Once you are on the deposit page of the trading robot, there you will be asked to make the deposit after which you can begin trading the cryptocurrency. However, there are very limited options for the money deposit, and most of the time it allows large deposits.

The minimum amount of money that you can deposit to start trading is $250. While depositing the money you will have to share all of your bank details. And doing this on a platform that is doubtful is a serious risk.

  • Step 4: Live Trading

Apart from the execution of trades you can also change your account settings and can set them according to your wishes. Anyhow, our research has told us that the investment limits that are provided at the platform are not efficient in terms of managing risks.

The great drawback of the platform is that you are unable to check the platform for its efficiency before you deposit in some money.

Crypto Group Features

There are some features that are claimed by the Crypto group to build customer trust. Let’s have a look at them as follows

  • It claims that the funds you deposit to make a profit are secure which is somewhat a bit shady. The software is usually not regulated on a daily basis and the platform also runs on the algorithm which is unverified. So, once you lose your money there is no way to claim the security.
  • The great drawback of this crypto trading platform is that it does not provides the option of demo trading. This imposes a serious risk to the money which will be deposited for trading.
  • This platform makes the claim that there is the availability of great customer service which is not true. The communication culture of this site is very poor, and it takes a lot of delays to get back the answer to your query.
  • There has been a great buzz about the community of Crypto group where people share their thoughts and exchange their ideas. But in reality, no such community is found which also tells us that the crypto group is a fraud.

Is Crypto Group a Scam?

According to our research, there are many red flags that tell us that it is a scam. Whenever you do the trading bot search on the internet you will find that the Crypto group will be among the top searches. As mentioned before the reason for this is that this bot has been extensively advertised.

Many of you have been thinking is the Crypto group genuine or not? Crypto group is it a con? Well, due to its great popularity we thought to give it proper research to find out that if it’s a scam or not. One of the sure things about this trading robot is that its owners are anonymous people whose presence has not been seen in the crypto industry before. This puts us in major doubt about the authenticity of the robot.

To check the authenticity of this trading robot we did the research and performed some actions on the trading platform which did not give us good results. We looked into the security details of the robot and they were not satisfying.

The platforms that are genuine always make sure that they keep the customer information and funds secure. It’s always possible that the hackers can hack into the accounts and takes all of the customer funds with them. To avoid this, the genuine platforms make sure that its security is not compromised and for this purpose, they also put extra security investment.

One of the main reasons that it is not considered secure is that they do not tell about the integration partners. Additionally, their trading software is most of the time not regulated which provides the proof of the scam robot. The trading platforms that are meant for stealing money from people are usually not regulated and are designed in a hurry. Thus, they do not prefer investing money in the security department.

From the Crypto group reviews and from our testing we found out that their customer support team was very irresponsive. It was very difficult to reach them. So, if anything can go wrong then it was not possible to fix it in time.

By doing deep research we also found that this platform has previously existed under different names such as Bitcoin Pro, Crypto Comeback Pro, and the Digital Revolution. So, this means that owners of this platform had previously targeted the bank accounts of people under different names. And when they get the bad reviews they come with a new name and then again target the money of innocent people.

Anyhow, if you are still thinking that if the Crypto group is a con then you can also have a look at how the company promotes itself. For example, their promotion video has been stolen from someone and is adjusted to look real. Additionally, the video looks very tasteless and common.

The website content is somewhat stolen from other sites as at one place they forgot to change the Bitcoin Trader name to the Crypto group trader. Additionally, the references are also made up and look similar to the platforms that are a scam.

Does Crypto Group Make Huge Profits?

The Crypto group claims that a person can earn up to $1300 on a daily basis which is somewhat weird as normal trading platforms do not make you this amount of money daily. This shows that it is a scam. It has been following the old scam strategy of attracting people by making them trust that they can earn a large amount of money daily.

Troubles in pay-outs are one of the major problems with this robot which gives another red flag. We have gone through different reports which tell us that there has been great delays and withholdings in the pay-outs. Additionally, the bot also provides very limited methods of depositing and the withdrawing of money, unlike the genuine platforms.

Apart from these, when you log in to the system for the first time the software sends the signals to you, and in return, you start getting a huge profit. The trading platforms in which you put minimum effort and then get large profits are not genuine as the authentic platforms usually don’t do this.

Considering everything mentioned above, we can surely say that the Crypto groups show a lot of red flags and due to this it cannot be trusted at all. We advise that you must look for their genuine platform so that your invested money can give you great profits.

So, if you ask us that is the Crypto group Legit? Then with surety, we can say that it’s not as there are so many faults in this platform which can only give you troubles and headaches. Additionally, whenever you look for some crypto trading platform make sure not to believe something that does not feels to be possible.

Choose Another Alternative to Crypto Group

There are so many reasons for choosing some other alternative to Crypto group for the trading of your cryptos. As mentioned before, there are so many red flags found while testing the site, and it’s better that you should avoid trading on platforms that feel doubtful.

Crypto group has been found not to deliver what it promises. There are very limited payment methods and it puts you in a lot of hassle when you want to withdraw the funds. The security of the robot is also doubtful, and it has poor management features for the money.

If you really want to make profits by trading the crypto online then we suggest that you must find some other platforms that are authentic. The robots like Crypto group can only give you headaches and nothing else. It’s recommended that you must not fall for the big false promises they make and must go for the platforms that will give you something worth cherishing.

Comparison of Crypto Group With Other Genuine Robots

By comparing Crypto group with legit robots in the market we have found that the origin of this platform is somewhat unclear. The technical information of this robot is not near to be found, unlike the other legit robots.

Apart from this, we have also found that this platform also charges some of the money for trading purposes which have not been presented to customers. The genuine platforms don’t do this as they keep transparency between themselves and their users.

The software is not considered genuine because it does not ensure its customers that their information and funds are safe or not, Additionally, this crypto trading tool is automated and also provides the limited features of risk management.

Last but not the least, the platform provides a lot of troubles when you want to withdraw the funds which are very unlikely as compared to the legit trading platforms.

Crypto Group Review: Our Verdict!

If you are looking for a genuine crypto trading platform then Crypto group is certainly not for you. There are so many things we have tested and reviewed which has led us to this conclusion.

There are so many false claims made by this platform for just attracting the user attention. The very first thing which puts us in doubt is the list of anonymous owners who haven’t revealed their name. Additionally, the software for trading cryptos is not regulated on a daily basis which puts the funds at high risk.

It has been inferred from many Crypto group reviews that the platform provides minimal customer support. And puts unnecessary pressure on the users to deposit money which is not the strategy of legit robots.

Apart from this, it has also been observed that there is no demo trading facility provided and there are also some hidden charges involved while trading which have not been presented. This really shows that the site is a scam and you must be aware of it.

There are many online trading robots available and are authentic too. At least they don’t make false claims and give you the true information which shows that you can trust them. So, if you want to make great profits with genuine sites then you must not go with the Crypto group as it will only give you a headache and money loss.


What is Crypto group limited?
It is the full name of the Crypto group through which the company was registered as the trading company for cryptocurrency. The suffix, ‘limited’ that has been added at the end is for a special purpose. It tells that if the company gets dissolved in years to come then the personal assets of the stakeholders will always be protected.

Who Are Crypto Group?
The owners of this platform are anonymous, and their names have not been revealed on any platform. This gives a sense of doubt because all the legit platforms always reveal their owner’s names for authenticity purposes. Additionally, it is also observed that the it has also not revealed its exchangers’ names which tell that there is something fishy.

Is Crypto Group Genuine?
The research and crypto group trader reviews have told the ratio from scam to genuine is more in the case of Crypto group. There are so many loopholes from which one can infer that the platform is not genuine at all.

Is Crypto Group a Con?
Due to the buzz of this robot in a few months, we have investigated the platform thoroughly and have come up with the conclusion that this trading robot is a fraud. We have provided all the reasons for this in our review above. Make sure you read it to have a better idea.

Is Crypto Group Real?
Well, it can be said with surety that it is not real. The platform makes very big claims about generating great profits but in reality, they are too good to be true. Apart from this, there are many red flags that we have mentioned in the review above that makes us doubt the realness of the trading robot.

Is Crypto Group Safe?
The cryptocurrency trading platforms that are doubtful can never be safe to earn profits. Crypto group makes very big claims about the safety of user funds and information but according to our research, all claims are false. They have invested very little money on security management and their software is not regulated on a daily basis that doubts the safety of the platform.

Is Crypto Group Legitimate?
This is hard to say that if this platform is legitimate or not. There is no proof of any legal authority that monitors the activities of this trading robot. So, if you lose your money then it is not possible that you will be able to get it back as this platform is just a scam for stealing money from innocent people.

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